At Blitzspins.com, we make every effort to process withdrawals as swiftly as possible and to ensure that your funds are protected during this process. As we have to comply with a number of local and international regulations, we operate a streamlined Withdrawal Policy. We encourage you to read and follow the withdrawal guidelines below. Following these guidelines would ensure that you receive your withdrawal swiftly :

Before you request a withdrawal

If you have accepted a Bonus, you may need to meet the wagering requirements for the Bonus money, for it to be paid out. You can find more information about this in our Bonus Rules.

48 hour Withdrawal Window

Once you sent the requested document and you ask for a withdrawal, we operate a 48 hour Withdrawal Window. During this period, you can cancel your withdrawal at any time, if you change your mind. In case you do decide to cancel your withdrawal, we will transfer the full amount back to your player account.

Document Verification takes up to 48 hours

Your account will undergo a verification process during the withdrawal process where we will take measures to verify your identity. This would ensure that your funds are transferred to the correct account and is also necessary to guarantee the safety of your funds. We carry this verification out during the 48-hour Withdrawal Window. You could help speed up this process by sending us the following documents as soon as you request a withdrawal:

Valid photographic ID: this ID must be valid, and must contain your photo, name, and signature. This can be scanned or photograph of your ID, as long as all required elements are clearly visible. One of the following IDs can be used for verification:

Government Issued Passport

National ID card

Proof of address: as part of KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations, we would need to verify the address you have entered in your account. To do this, you could send us a current proof of address (no more than 3 months old).

This can be one of the following documents:

Utility bill, (but not a mobile phone bill, internet or TV, neither bundle package contract)

Credit card bill or bank statement

Bank statement (you may hide sensitive transactions)

Proof of address documents need to be paper copies which you photograph with phone or camera, scanned copies are accepted only if they have an electronic trackable security code on the document proving the validity of it.

Only documents that are clearly legible with all edges of the paper visible can be accepted as proof of address. You can photograph the document, as long as it is clearly legible. We do accept only genuine paper hard copy documents.

Proof of account ownership: we also may need proof that you own the bank or payment account the funds will be sent to. These are the documents we need per withdrawal method:

Bank account (wire transfer): a recent bank statement, no older than 6 months, clearly showing your full name, address, and bank account number. You may block out any other details, such as your account balance and debits/credits.

Skrill: A screenshot of your verified Skrill account. (screenshot of the "limits & verification" section) For a guide on how to take a screenshot on almost any device click here

NETELLER: go to the “Details” page on the NETELLER website and take a screenshot clearly showing your name, address, and email address. For a guide on how to take a screenshot on almost any device click here.

Additional documents and requirements: in some cases we may need additional proof, or may request for documents to be notarized. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Please make sure you send us all requested documents within 5 business days, or we reserve the right to decline your withdrawal request. Once we have all the required documents and all requirements have been met, it may take up to 24 hours to process the withdrawal request for approval.

Important information about your withdrawal

Once we’ve processed your withdrawal request, your funds are heading your way! While you’re waiting for your funds, here is some helpful information about the way we handle payouts.

Payout limit

We will send you every last cent of your hard-earned winnings. However, we do have a payout limits. The max. size of withdrawal is €2 000 per day / €5 000 per week / €10 000 per month / €50 000 per year.


The player shall be notified about his status on the website via email or phone. The status is determined by the gaming activity, deposits, withdrawals and bonuses which were received by the player. If the Player has not played for more than 30 days his status may be set to Newcomer limits.

The casino management reserves rights to make payment according to individual schedule, set the minimum and maximum amount per transaction and the time of the transaction. The individual scheme may differ on the method of withdrawal or other relevant factors.

The withdrawal requests are worked through by the Payment Team after the pending period has expired. Payment Team process the requests for fund withdrawals Monday till Friday 06:00AM to 06:00PM (UTC timezone). After Payment Team has processed the transfer of funds, any future delays in processing are not our responsibility

Which account will your funds go to?

We will always transfer your winnings to the last payment method you have used to deposit at the website. If you have deposited with a prepaid card, we will contact you and request a bank statement where we can clearly see the IBAN. The funds will then be transferred to your bank account.

When can I expect my money?

We will make every endeavour to transfer your funds back to your account as swiftly as possible. Due to to banking regulations, there is what is called a transfer period depending on where the funds are being transferred :

To EU accounts: 1 to 2 working days after approval.

To non-EU accounts: 3 to 5 working days after approval.

Please bear in mind that the transfer period does not include the 48-hour withdrawal window .

Please be advised that bank wires ara charged 25 EUR per withdrawal request.

Please be advised that we allow up to 3 withdrawals free of charge per month. Any withdrawal above the 3rd count will be charged 5 EUR.